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FMKplus016 - That Jimmy Person - The Message EP . OUT NOW!



Straight out of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire is That Jimmy Person, the latest addition to the Formatik+-family. On the circuit since 2k15 and supported by the likes of Kiss FM, Hed Kandi, Rinse FM and many more That Jimmy Person is one of the hot UK exports these days and ready for heavy dancefloor impact with the two tracks featured on his "The Message EP". Coming on strong with a muscular pump and hard hitting Rave attitude is the title track "The Message" which brings forth high energy and a proper portion of darkness to all TechHouse-related venues throughout the fall / winter season of 2k18 and beyond. With "True Playa" we see That Jimmy Person provide more stomping robotic flavours for all prime time TechHouse / ElectroHouse players. Once again relying on big room sawtooth signals paired with large sweeps and a seductive groove this one is out and about to bring on some serious hit throughout peak time sets.

FMKdigi058 - KURED - Blazing EP - OUT NOW



In for the next addition to the ever growing Formatik Records roster is KURED, a project on the rise which has been heavily backed by Toolroom throughout the past months. Run by House Music-mastermind Eddie Thoneick who's been a staple on the scene for more than 15 years now we see KURED provide some serious heat for club nights all over the world. Opening with the EP's title track "Blazing" we're immediately sucked in by KURED's masterly crafted grooves that combine a massive portion of electronic ultraphonk with Ragga-infused chants, one of the most recognizable samples used and abused within the Drum'n'Bass / Breakbeat-scene and a bouncy TechHouse foundation for all heaving crowds and vibing bigroom raves on fire. Furthermore "FLMF", the second cut on this digital single, brings forth a slightly deeper take on the TechHouse genre, revealing the tool'ish, yet ultrafunctional side of KURED's work whilst gravitating to the MinimalTechno-infused side of the genre. Stripped down to the bare essentials this one is pure vibes for experienced DJs,.

FMKplus015 - Thomas Krings - Fuction EP OUT NOW!



A brand new addition to the Formatik+-roster for this season is Cologne-based Thomas Krings who's been active on the German DJ-circuit since the mid-90s before finally adapting to studio production a few years ago with his first track released being "Come In" on Seveneves Records in 2016. Now he's ready to work dancefloors right with his "Fuction EP" which is a brand new digital two track single powerhouse for long nights and ecstatic crowds for sure. The title track "Fuction" sees Thomas Krings come up with a super solid, expertly shaped take on bouncy TechHouse, relying on spatial sweeps, a dark, yet seductive male vocal sample and a lively and very distinct bassline motif that's getting floors hyped within seconds whilst dabbling with sneaky live background atmospheres and a bit of a full-on rave attitude. With "Way", the second cut on this single, the German producer provides a slightly housier, yet pumping and exceptionally cowbell-heavy vibe on the fast lane, presenting another variation of his trademark bass liveliness mixed up with heaploads of high energy and a lovely, playful main synth motif putting a smile on all the punters faces out there.

FMKdigi057 - Chris Hartwig OUT NOW



Back with his third EP on Formatik Records, and already the second one for this year, is the man known as Chris Hartwig, ready to set dancefloors on fire again with two massive bangers straight from his studio vaults. The title track "Superfruit" weighs high octane power based on ever spiralling vocal cuts, hefty drumrolls, ecstatic oldskool stabs and blasting hover signals for maximum dancefloor excess, fusing contemporary production techniques with loads of beloved, classic elements - catering an amalgamation of joy that's about to have maximum impact on heaving bigroom crowds for sure. With "Hashtag", the second cut on this single, we see Chris Hartwig provide a swinging take on well lively (Tech)House with a monster groove whilst adding sparse Latin percussions, atmospheric large scale samples and a highly seductive, siren'esque synth motif leading to increasing heat levels in each and every venue around the globe.

FMKplus011 - John Moss - Carousel/Cocodelic - OUT NOW!



And back we are with a contribution from up north to the catalogue of Formatik+, provided by Norway's John Moss who's been active all over the place after a Traxsource top score in 2k15, followed by features and releases on labels like Toolroom, Phonetic Recordings, Seamless Recordings and many others before joining the family with his first digital double-a-side single on our platform. Opening with „Carousel“ the Norwegian sets dancefloors on fire with a bang, delivering a massive take on Phonk-infused TechHouse, driven by lively bass synth movements and well swinging hi-hats met by a killer rave stab arrangement that takes us right back to the first prime era of high energy electronic music. Raw seductive power for peaktime sets in here. Furthermore we see John Moss go „Cocodelic“, which is his very own interpretation of the phrase 'maximum bonkers'. Letting punters know what time it is with a phat, pumping foundation he's bringing on a proper funky, swing with the introduction of a first single tone motif later accompanied by stripped down, retrofuturist synth bleeps and echoeing background voices, literally paying homage to what was originally known as MinimalFunk back in the days before adding large scale background sweeps and a bit of a jacking attitude to this timeless workout.

FMKdigi055 - Format:B - Humpy & Crumpy EP - OUT NOW!



The long wait has come to an end and finally Format:B are back on their very own Formatik Records-imprint with another digital single release, a high quality smash that has been dancefloor tasted and punter proved throughout banging sets played by the dynamic duo for quite a while now. With „Humpy“ we see Format:B bringing on a bouncy, highly seductive take of Motor / TechFunk which is able to set large scale venues on fire within seconds due its powerful, clonking bass motif and hefty stabs accompanied by dark'ish Rave-schooled hoover signals and masterly cut up vocal bits. On „Crumpy“ the two musical masterminds ride a well similar wave albeit gravitating towards an even darker level, emphasizing on ever present subs, sexy grooves, sharp percussion rides and large scale bass attacks literally able to bring the house down. Who needs the horns of Jericho when „Crumpy“ is available as a weapon of choice?

FMKplus010 - Kevin Corral - Speechless EP - OUT NOW!



Coming in straight from Spain for his first ever release on Formatik+, is Kevin Corral who has been making waves with tracks released on labels like Baikonur Recordings, In You Records, Jekos Lab and numerous compilation features over the past few years. With his „Speechless EP“ the Spaniard caters a well remarkable label debut, and a hefty prequel for things to come for this young producer on the rise. The title track „Speechless“ sees Kevin Corral serving a quite phonky take on dark and pumping uptempo TechHouse incorporating both thrilling Rave signals as well as playful, yet uplifting high energy synth stabs, epic snare rolls and a growling bassline for the additional thrill, accompanied by carefully cut up vocal bits. Following up is „Rock This“, a well techy, muscular effort aiming to 'rock this motherfucking house....' as the dark male vocals clearly state. Living up to this statement Kevin Corral's musical delivery is on point – a fusion of full on club functionality and hints of bubbling Acid that keeps punters in motion whenever pumped through a main room rig. Finally „Twisted“ employs a hard edged angle on hefty, raw House music that reveals another side of Kevin Corral's work. With clearly shaped beat brutalism and rough underground Acid modulations this one screams nothing but full on madness, not only for the oldskool afficionados out on the dancefloor.

Luigi Rocca & Luigi Gori - Meat Phil EP OUT NOW!



Ends meet on this one. The Turin-based and highly successful Luigi Rocca, manager and founder of labels like 303Lovers, Hotfingers and Tuomotu, meets Arezzo's Luigi Gori, another Italian staple who has been releasing on imprints like Casual Lab, Recycle Records and Recycle Limited in the past. Joining forces in the studio they meet the Formatik Records-camp for their conjunctional label debut which is the „Meat Phil EP“, a formidable high octane outing and defo one to leave its marks on todays dancefloors. The title track „Meat Phil“ comes in with a hefty, muscular swing balancing the thin line between House and TechHouse whilst providing some sweet filters in full effect, working through UK-infused vocal reworks whilst steering towards a high octane climax when reaching its full peak at the very prime time of each and every DJ set out there. With „For Sale“ we see Luigi Rocca & Luigi Gori taking a turn into darker alleys, amagalmating a pounding pump, ever rolling subs as well as highly defined stabs and sweeps with sharp hi-hat grooves, precisely stuttering vocal cuts and large scale build ups to shape a powerful tool to be loved by many DJ's for long time. „Shakerback“ sees the two Italian producers on a more Tech-oriented tip that weighs in heavy, highly compressed bassdrums and quite a few hints of good ol' humour as the two managed to warp and twist their synths in a pretty tongue-in-cheek way to come up with surprising raw sounds surely meant to light up every ravers day in an unexpected, yet highly functional way. Their track „You Get It“ lives up to its name and therefore we get a pretty explosive dose of hard pumping House sporting a well discoid groove alongside the producers' trademark vocal abuse, thrilling drum rolls and big ass synth sweeps catering a maximum energy supply for every dancefloor in the world. Tune.

FMKdigi053 - Chris Hartwig - Bang The Groove EP OUT NOW!



Welcome back, Mr. Chris Hartwig! It's been a while since the German producer dropped his label debut single on Formatik Records back in 2015 but now he's finally back on track with two massive bangers for this years hot summer season. The title track „Bang The Groove“ is a prime example for Chris Hartwig's highly appreciated production style which comes in with a bang indeed, providing a crisp foundation of precisely rolling, yet muscular TechHouse, razor sharp hi-hats and a well cut up and sliced vocal motif making sure that everyones on the floor is banging and bouncing and brocking out to this one for real. With „Whoozle“ we see the man Chris Hartwig coming at us with another masterly crafted delivery, a tasteful, slightly deeper variation of his proven dancefloor smashing formula. With a groove sharp as a knife he brings on a proper pump, the bassline weighs in hot steaming vibes and a simple yet seductive interplay of two tightly connected motifs is more than enough to create a proper floor craze, especially after the tunes' massive, roll-driven breakdown.

FMKplus009 - Andrea Giudice feat. Durty Fresh - Drip Drop EP OUT NOW!



Based in London / UK and originally hailing from Italy is Andrea Giudice who is now setting out to rock floors with his first ever release on Formatik+, a fresh and unique take on contemporary electronic club music that defo proves why the man's latest releases on labels like Nonstop, Be One Records or Resopal Schallware have put this upcoming producer on everyones map last year. The opener ''DripDrop'', also this singles title track, provides a muscular, pumping approach to bass heavy, yet detailed stab fueled TechHouse for big rooms, bringing everyone and their mothers up to highest heights with its mental breakdown and highly seductive vocal abuse that keeps punters on the DL for real. With ''Angel Dust'' the Italian producer caters a speedier take on contemporary club sounds, provides a tongue-in-cheek undercover homage to HipHouse as well as a lovely, lo-fi synth motif of quite a playful nature as well as driving claps and endless rolls to bring on a maximum amount of energy for joyful crowds bursting with nothing but proper good vibes.

FMKS001 - Format:B - Tech House Signature Cuts . OUT NOW!



Branching out further than ever before in 2018 the Formatik crew is proud to present our new offspring – Formatik Sounds! Due to popular demand from fans, followers and fellow producers our most recent branch is about to focus on new territories, bringing the freshest sound- and samplepacks to the table, serving nothing but high quality production tools to each and every studio wizzard out there. These days we're ready for lift off with the long-awaited “TechHouse Signature Cuts” crafted and created by the dynamic and highly acclaimed duo that is Format:B which are sharing an abundance of their signature sounds and samples with the world, unveiling some of their best kept secrets soundwise and catering to the needs of every producer of contemporary club sounds of today.

Space Jump Salute & FreedomB - For My Soul EP / OUT NOW!



Coming in for their first ever release on Formatik+ are Space Jump Salute & Freedom B an international duo comprised of the Berlin-based Spaniard Freedom B and his Birmingham / UK counterpart Space Jump Salute. Both established on the circuit as solo artists they've joined forces for their „For My Soul EP“ which caters two tracks nothing short of being proper dancefloor bangers. Opening with „For My Soul“ the pairing combines a hypnotic TechHouse-groove with a well-seductive female vocal hook and a big portion of jackin', high quality AcidHouse-influences to create a timeless dancefloor weapon that's about to rock more than one generation of punters for sure. With „Depth Charge“ the two producers provide another big tune for heaving TechHouse nights, taking dancefloors by storm with deep, funky basslines, extended snare-roll action, a distinct, siren-like main motif, sweeping modulations and heaps of positive vibes for a proper night out.

FMKdigi052 - Novodisc - Another EP OUT NOW!



Coming in straight from Malaga / Spain for his second release on Formatik Records is Novodisc, who has been making some waves with "Tik2" in early 2k17 and now presents two brand new orginal tracks on his first outing in 2k18 which is his "Another EP". With the title track that is "Another" we see Novodisc provide a proper stomp, catering a raw and unprocessed TechHouse rhythm foundation backed by a rolling low end, dark'ish sample abuse, sharp hi-hats and expertly twisted filter action alongside endless snare rolls for maximum dancefloor pressure. And well, don't forget about about the bleep-like, off-kilter synths about to set ravers minds on fire for sure. "Get Down", the second tune on this new Novodisc single explores the raw side of TechHouse as well. Speeding things up a bit, introducing a distinct, high-energy bassline and an overall feel of positivity and ecstatic excitement as well es uplifting sweeps and sexy vocal snippets this one is nothing but a primetime banger for buzzing, hyperactive dancefloors

FMKplus007 - Samuel Dan - Money EP - OUT NOW



Welcome aboard, Mr. Samuel Dan! Fresh for 2k18 with his first release on Formatik+ we see the Spanish producer stirring up dancefloors for sure. With a release history including singles on labels like Upon.You, OFF Recordings, Area Remote and even the UK mainstay Skint this man is defo up for something hot when he cooks things up in his lab. Coming straight at us with the title track "Money" Samuel Dan presents a well seductive take on pumping, yet stripped down House music for hefty underground sessions sporting warped, seductive, yet spine tingling vocal bits, a rolling sub synth motif and heaps of sparkling, precisely defined sonic outbursts for tripping minds. With "Soul Clap" the Spaniard sticks true to his approved and highly functional trademark formula to keep dancefloors in motion, adds a dash of jackin' Chitown vibes alongside a captivating, uplifting melodic line only to create another timeless banger that will be heard on dancefloors for many seasons to come. Finally "Glam" brings a well-seductive groove and a rolling bassline to the table, a foundation atop which a glamourous fusion of classic House and glittering ElectroHouse unfolds whilst sexy vocals add exactly the right amount of catchyness, fashion craze and song-orientation to spice up things on the dancefloor for real. Hit!

Alec Troniq - Berzerk - incl. Tobi Kramer Remix OUT!



Back for his third release on Formatik Records is Alec Troniq, the Dresden-based producer who has contributed two massive singles to our catalogue and is now striking again with "Berzerk", another big tune accompanied by a remix crafted by longtime electronic music staple Tobi Kramer. Going in deep with the original version of "Berzerk" we see Alec Troniq provide quite a bit of a mechanical punch alongside distinct sweeps and a proper, raw synth sequence for all ElectroDisco lovers alongside a vocal sample that takes us back into US-American history for sure. Rocket fuel for primetime dancefloors paired with historical and ecological awareness to a great effect! On a remix tip for "Berzerk" is label mate Tobi Kramer who's presenting the harder, more aggressive and Techno-driven variety of his musical work with this one. Highly compressed bassdrums bring on a merciless stomp, are paired with additional rhythmic layers to provide a peaktime foundation for warm, overwhelming and all embracing sawtooth synths drifting off into slightly wobbly, ever warping territories for a hefty climax.

FMKplus006 - Flashmob - NI Music EP OUT NOW!



These days we're adding another strong musical force to the Formatik+ stable - Flashmob! Hailing from Italy these guys have been making waves from the very start with releases on Get Physical, Defected, ESD Records and their very own imprints so it's about time to get struck by their latest outing which is the "NI Music EP". The title track "NI Music" aims directly at the dancefloor with a straight and uncompromising Tech attitude, bringing on a stripped down, yet highly functional drum foundation, growling bass and metallic clonks as main ingredients before fully grabbing everyone's attention with a masterly sliced vocal motif and a subtle Rave attitude that's able to singularily cause climate change due to the heat emitted by the sum of every single moving punters body getting down whenever this banger is played out to a large scale audience. Furthermore "Lovestruck" sees Flashmob more of a deeper stomp, weighing in a proper shuffle groovewise whilst sticking to their signature basslines in combination with atmospheric background synths, complex drum breakdowns, a little bit of low end wobble and a seductive female voice that's obviously as "Lovestruck" as the title is itself. Pure sex!

FMKplus005 - JCMB & D-Mice - Just Try This EP - OUT NOW!



Coming straight outta Russia is the latest signing to the Formatik+ roster the collaborative studio force known as JCMB & D-Mice. With past releases on Great Stuff Recordings and Nite Grooves the pairing has already left a mark on the scene and they're now ready to take over dancefloors with two groove-focused bangers on their new single. The 1st track Can You Feel It defo proves why tunes produced by JCMB & D-Mice are high in demand by DJ's and dancers alike these days, weighing in a literal ton of House-oriented sexyness and groove alongside seductive male vocals, big drum effects and an ecstatic Acid sequence this one has all it takes to provide an ultimate climax in everyone's set. Furthermore Just Try is on a slightly darker TechHouse tip, yet still able to provide heaploads of positive energy through distinct hoover use, spiralling, uplifting and hypnotically looped female vocal bits, vintage samples and a masterly crafted tribute to the most jacking basslines around all coming together as another dancefloor killer par excellance.

FMKdigi050 - The Very Best of FMK 2017 - Out by 15th January 2018!



FMKdigi049 - Pazkal - Call Me EP OUT NOW!



Coming in straight from Switzerland with his second release on Formatik Records is one of the more recent signings to our roster – Pazkal. With quite a bit of an impressive release history under his belt including works for labels like Liebe*Detail, Moodmusic, Plastic City, Hive Audio, King Street and many more this highly talented fellow caught our attention again with two tracks which are now released as his label debut on the „Call Me EP“ The opening title track „Call Me“ comes in on a well-seductive (Tech)House tip sporting loads of estival percussion layers before a massive build-up pays homage to the ecstatic days of jumping Wildpitch Acid whilst the tunes' monster groove, distinct vocal abuse and slightly rave-orientated signals fall into place to fully complete this peak time weapon. With „Sweet Darling“ the man known as Pazkal caters another sweet groover built upon a foundation of trademark percussions and a decent, ever moving Acid line that brings adrenaline levels up to the top even before soulful vocals and humongous hoover walls kick in for the ultimate rush. Call this one a sure shot!

FMK+004 - Mauro Venti - Shake Da Body EP - OUT NOW!



Hailing from Verona / Italy we're sending a warm welcome towards Mr. Mauro Venti, the newest addition to the Formatik+ stable which aims straight at the heart of the dancefloor with his label debut, the „Shake Da Body EP“. With releases on imprints like Material and Glasgow Underground the Italian already has left his mark on the scene and is now out and about to shake your body with a three tracks smash. The opener „Ravin“ is paving the way for things to come, introducing Mauro Venti's distinct and highly compressed style with a bang. Hard hitting drums, razor sharp hi-hats, danger-inducing bass pressure and sparse percussion layers are the foundation for morphed and microstretched samples and a nervous, spine-tingling main motif turning into large scale siren emulations throughout the course of the tune. Rolling with the „Blockclock“ Mauro Venti continues to provide trademark goodness, catering needy crowds with a heavy pump gravitating to the technoid side of the spectrum, robotic vocals, busy, highly scientific synth tones and more alarming sirens announcing ultimate dancefloor excess. Finally the title track „Shake Da Body“ weighs in a seductive, yet mechanical, hard banging House groove, killer low frequency action, sparse scratches and well twisted midrange synth lines accompanied by dark'ish, ever repeating male vocal which wants us to pump it to the max whilst the tune sets the roof – and all raving crowds – on fire with its ecstatic, high octane breakdown sequences.

Formatik Launched A New Sublabel: FormatikPlus (+)



Formatik Records proudly presents Formatik+ „Formatik+? What is Formatik+?“ one might ask and the answer is a simple one. Run by Jakob Hildenbrand and Franziskus Sell, well known to punters and partypeople under the name Format:B, their label Formatik Records has evolved into a mainstay on the worldwide electronic club music circuit since it was founded back in 2009. Furthermore and maybe more importantly, Formatik Records has carved out a specific sonic niche of its own, often referred to as Motor Funk by the labels A&R's – a term also best describing the sound of their own musical productions which find a home on Formatik Records as well and therefore meant to stay the main focus for the imprint and its core artist family. But there's way more out there than this. There's House. There's Techno. There's artists we love which are exploring grounds left and right along their beaten paths. And of course there's incoming demos showcasing amazing talent in fields beyond our main focus which regularly find their way into the DJ sets of Format:B but don't necessarily fit into the main catalogue of Formatik Records. To provide a home for a variety of sounds stylistically beyond what is released on the mothership Formatik Records is launching Formatik+, a new subsidiary with an open minded attitude towards all things 4-2-the-floor, a breeding ground for fresh and upcoming producers and of course a thrilling, high quality supplement to the musical course of the mothership. Watch out!

FMKdigi044 - DORADE - Moving Jack EP / OUT from 23rd June 2017!



It's been about a year since Dorade, the TechHouse-focused side project of the man Wolfgang Lohr who is well known for activities in other realms of the electronic music spectrum as well, last appeared on Formatik Records and therefore we're glad to announce his newest musical outing for release this summer – the „Moving Jack EP“. Starting our journey with the EPs title track “Moving Jack“ Dorade provides a dark'ish, rolling bass groove and energetic cowbell action as a solid foundation for highly energetic Disco outbursts, classic vocals bits and a climaxing, metallic synth line leading towards new states of ecstasy whenever it appears. The „Arabian G8“ caters a driving, super precise set of drums an closed hats alongside a funky and playful bassline groove, more microcut vocal action, massive synth buildups touched by a slightly oriental / exotic vibe and a short, distinct main motif adding bits of extra energy to this classy tool whenever it pops up. Finally we need to „Check This Out“ because Dorade enters more stomping grounds with the last cut on this EP, giving us another dose of his trademark vocals handlings and touching base with high octane ElectroHouse vibes for peak time abuse, heavy breakdown action and drumrolls included!

FMKdigi043 - Danny Serrano - Thug Life EP / OUT ON 22nd Of May 2017!



Welcome back,Mr. Danny Serrano! After making his Formatik Records label debut with „Paradise“ in late 2k15 we're glad to see our Spanish friend returning with a new release on our label, the „Thug Life EP“ which is his latest in a string of singles which can be traced back to the year 2009 when he first appeared on the electronic music circuit as a producer. With the title track “Thug Life“ we see Danny Serrano provide a bouncy and light TechHouse foundation garnished with rolling bass and a tweaked, masterly filtered vocal line for a positive, organic touch of universal happiness that will put this tune on the map throughout this years open air season and beyond, spreading nothing but joy amongst dancers and groovers alike. Following up is „Blow Up“, another sweetly balanced production effort from the creative studio vaults of Mr. Serrano. Spreading a similar amount of positivity as well as also focusing on a main motif created of a twisted vocal sample this track goes down a more pumping and muscular route and even pays homage to Acid-infused modulations at points for an extra push of energy throughout ecstatic peaktime sessions.

FMKdigi042 - Dole & Kom - Pocket Holder EP OUT ON 1st Of May 2017!



Without a doubt the duo known as Dole & Kom have been an influential staple in Berlin's music scene for long. As a DJ-team they're looking back on a two decades plus history, they've been active on the label circuit with imprints like BCC Music and Death By Disco since the mid-90s, have released tracks and remixes under their main and many covert aliases on countless imprints ever since and most importantly - they're about to drop their new „Pocket Holder EP“ on Formatik Records these days. With „Mirror“ we see the Berlin-based pair of producers bring on some highly defined, yet well grooving TechHouse vibes for vibrant floors, getting everyone hyped through the distinctiveness of the tunes bass motif which is nicely contrasted by buzzing high frequencies and a massive Rave breakdown ready to destroy dancefloors with the sheer power of its blasting signals. The title track „Pocket Holder“ sees Dole & Kom emphasizing on their sexy bass grooves again which are somewhat of a trademark for their production efforts, adding some slightly twisted, tongue-in-cheek elements, ever climaxing siren sounds and a slightly pitched down male vocal line that defo stands out in the context of every DJ set whilst the tune itself balances the thin line between Tech- and ElectroHouse... and a good portion of high octane madness as well. Finally „Smoke“ caters more sub-frequent sexiness and a certain swing within the TechHouse genre whilst warped bass tones and video game-resembling bleeps provide a bouncing foundation for micro-cut, ever climaxing vocal bits to get punters pumped for a spiralling journey into electronic music heavens.

FMKdigi041 - Format:B - Not Enufff EP / OUT NOW!



Aiming straight at the heart of the dancefloor Format:B are back for 2017 with their brand new single on Formatik Records, proving the fact that there are indeed „Not Enuff“ of their tunes out there as both dancers and DJ's from countries all over the globe always express a continuous demand for more. The title track „Not Enuff“ sees Format:B aiming straight at the heart of the dancefloor with a robotic percussion intro soon supplemented by on point, highly compressed bassdrums and hoovering big room signals which are paving the way for imperative vocal madness and a larger than life peaktime break. Maximum energy in here. With „Nitro Circus“ the Berlin-based duo serves another massive TechHouse stomper meant to cause havoc on buzzing floors. Highly detailed trademark vocal reworks meet a well-seductive bassline groove, heavy synth fanfares, a highly distinct melody setting, peak stabs and ever climaxing sequences meant to turboboost energy levels for sure

FMKdigi040 - Novodisc - TIK2 EP - OUT From 27th March 2017!



Coming in straight from Malaga, Spain is the newest signing on Formatik Records, a young producer on the rise who has been rocking floors with releases on Clarisse Records, Safe Music and Escapism Musique in the past and is now about to make a massive statement with his „Tik2 EP“. And who is the guy we're talking about? Novodisc is the name! The title track „Tik2“ gets at us with a straight banging, hypercompressed bassdrum section that introduces a full-on marching brutalism to House Music, paired with a seductive, yet uncompromising groove, killer vocal bits and ecstatic stabs for the ultimate dancefloor lift-off. This tune is an order, an order to dance! The second tune on this single is „Sometimes“ in which the Spaniard on the rise once again provides a great example for his distinct trademark sound which one might file under the flag of Brutal(ist) House whilst adding excessive snare rolls and threatening hoover signals to the proven formula to create another ultra-effective peaktime banger. Check.

FMKdigi039 - Alec Troniq - Hotch Kick OUT NOW!



After his massive 2k16-single „Knock Knock Knock Knock“ we see Alec Troniq deliver another equally strong release on Formatik Records these days, once again proving that this young, aspiring producer is ready to kick some ass with his on point productions which have been rinsed heavily by the label heads of Format:B throughout the past months. The title track „Hotch Kick“ leads us straight to the heart of the dancefloors with a grinding, toolish intro sequence before a well-lively synth motif and epic, slightly distorted signals are setting the roof on fire, even in open air parties with no roof at all. This tune's a weapon of mass euphoria! With its title „Why Not Bizarre“ the second tune on this weighs in a little bit of a sexual connotation even before the first bassdrum kicks in to cater a slow and marchin, yet well technoid foundation for dark bassment parties yearning for a little bit of risky dancefloor eroticism and killer stab fire.

FMKdigi038 - Tobi Kramer feat. Kaj Marx - Donnaiolo EP / Out from 27th Feb 2017!



It's always a great thing to see good old friends coming home and therefore we're proud to announce that our mate Tobi Kramer is back with a new release on Formatik Records which weighs in two orignal tracks and an additional remix effort – all crafted to rock dancefloors hard and effectively. Teaming up with studio mate Kaj Marx for „Donnaiolo“, the title track of the new EP, we see Tobi Kramer fusing a hefty TechHouse boom with processed electric guitar bits and a discoid bad ass bass groove to a maximum effect, bringing an amount of energy and jumpy joy to electronic dancefloors that we all have missed since the heydays of BigBeat. This is an ultimate party track that's about to put a big bright smile on every punters face out there. In for a remix of „Donnaiolo“ is the young and aspiring Daniel Rateuke who's focusing on a slightly techier sound design and a clean, yet playful cowbell motif, keeping the recognition value of the trademark guitar lick intact whilst bringing in additional synth layers to underline the high octane nature of the already banging original tune. With „Vendetta“ we see Tobi Kramer on a solo tip and this one's bringing some heat to every dancefloor for sure with detailed percussion layers spread over a super solid TechHouse structure sprinkled with seductive vocal bits and a lively bass foundation. All this leads to an epic breakdown, superb panoramic strings and loads of ravey synth works for all those ready for take off. Let loose, everybody!

FMKdigi037 - Matt Sassari - Foorewer EP ! released 13.02.2017



So here we go for 2k17! Starting into a new year with a new release on Formatik Records, the label debut for the young French producer Matt Sassari, the man behind a hefty string of releases on labels like Time Has Changed Records, Bouq., Relief Records and many others since he stepped on the scene in 2012. With the title track „Foorewer“ we see the Frenchman provide a sweet take on looped and filtered TechHouse with a twist, living up to the standards by catering a menu of muscular bass, cut and twisted vocal bits as well scarce percussive bits and highly modified sound abstractions taking their influences from the more minimalist side of the electronic club music spectrum – an amalgamation functional as functional can get and defo a tune that'll be heard on dancefloors all over the place on a regular within the next months. The second tune on here is „Funq Zap“; another on point production by Matt Sassari that's taking TechHouse to slightly deeper late night level, keeps bodies moving due to the use of precise drum, decent wood percussions and haunting white noise layers whilst our braincells are spooked out by warped and alienated vocals dealing with struggles of everyday's life on the street. C'mon man!

FMKdigi035 - Format:B - Whippp - Wade Remix - 28th Nov. released!



Following up as a sequel to the latest FormatB single „Okeey Yaah EP“ which was released on Formatik Records only recently is this little remix offshoot, serving a new approach to one of the EP's original tracks – crafted by the young Spaniard Wade. Being one of FormatB's favorite upcoming producers of 2016 his remix clearly shows why they asked him to rework and restructure their tune „Whippp“ for a digital remix single. Relying on a hefty foundation of punch providing drums we see Wade come up with on point functionality for peak time floors, working his filters right whilst adding energy driven percussion rolls, cowbells and super driving hi-hats to keep the crowd under motion control whilst firing occasional dirty hoover signals at them to keep energy levels up to the max.

FMKdigi034 - KPD - Sandra - OUT NOW!



Coming straight outta Madrid / Spain is the newest addition to the Formatik Records roster: KPD, short for Krusty Pinchas Discos and not to be mistaken for the German Communist Party which was banned back in 1956 and, as we assume, would not been amused by the dancefloor devastation caused by the two tracks featured on this digital single. With „Sorry Lady“ we see KPD provide quite a lively TechHouse vibe with loads of percussive variety, hyping the crowd with highly energetic, surely Jazz-infused stabs that went through several filters to accompany a rolling bassline and field recorded atmospheres to a great, ever climaxing effect. Furthermore there's „Oh!“ - and all we can say about this tune is 'oh my god' ! Putting on pressure from the start this one's a stomping monster for all those appreciating the techier side of things. Loads of on-point EQ action going on here whilst masterly crafted micro-shifting and KPD's trademark bass abuse help to rise tension levels before the epic breakdown introduces a super effective two-tone motif that comes at punters like a divine revelation. Define: massive.

FMKdigi033 - Tobi Kramer - No Trepassing, has finally left the production room!



For the recent fall season we celebrate another homecoming to our beloved Formatik Records imprint these days as our old friend Tobi Kramer is making a return with his new single „No Trespassing“ after coming up with our catalogue number 011 back in 2013. Now, 22 releases later, he's still up to great things and sure one that brings joy to dancefloors worldwide. In serving the title track „No Trespassing“ we see Tobi Kramer provide quite a massive tool for pumping poolside situations. Coming up with a deep ass and pretty much muscular main bass figure alongside slightly latin'esque rhythm signatures this tune oozes pure energy and brings nothing but joy due to a more playful approach towards slightly off kilter synth twisting and climaxing, on point breaks. Teaming up with fellow producers Guille Placencia and George Privatti to create the miraculous „Chimchichurri“, Tobi Kramer weighs in another heavily pumping tune with a multilayered percussive touch that caters a well-surprising element of maximum tension reminiscent of classic espionage thrillers we all loved throughout our childhood days. Be assured that this tune is about to send some epic chills down your spine for a reason!

FMKdigi032 - Format:B - Okeey Yaaah EP / OUT NOW!



So here we go again with a release you've all been waiting for – a new EP on Formatik Records that's about to be hammered on huge floors for ages, prepared and crafted for maximum crowd impact at the studios of the highly successful, world-travelling DJ and producer duo known as FormatB. With the title track „Okeey Yaah“ FormatB are serving a high octane weapon for all primetime jocks out there, amalgamating a stomping, slightly metallic technoid attitude sporting highly energetic percussion and cowbell layers, super precise scratch-emulations, elements of Hardbag House, Rave-resembling stabs and well-twisted, killer vocal bits for an extra power boost. „Whiiippp“, the second cut on this EP, comes across a little more playful in terms of attitude, riding the high energy wave on a super solid TechHouse foundation, re-arranging, cutting up and restructuring vocal samples featured in the title track and most importantly bringing in a massive trademark stab sequence for the glowstick and whistle crew that has already been on fire when huge raves originally were happening back in '92. With this tune FormatB are fusing the energy of those early days with today's most modernist production values to cause incredible dancefloor mayhem within a little more than 360 seconds

FMKdigi028 - David Keno & Dalson - Black Betty OUT NOW!



And here we go again, bringing you another massive dancefloor smash on Formatik Records, this time crafted and well polished in the studio of Berlin's only David Keno, who has amassed an impressive catalogue of releases and remixes throughout the past decade from early 12“es on i220 to singles on Trapez LTD, Mother, URSL, his very own Keno Recordings and way beyond. The title track „Black Betty“ delivers a fascinating electronic take on a prominent and well-known vocal sample from the Rock'n'Roll era, transfers it to a modernistic, octane-fueled TechHouse context and comes across as perfect crossover tune amalgamating underground and mass appeal within 269 seconds of madness. As a bonus we see Robosonic, also responsible for a large remix of Format: B's uber-hit „Chunky“ on Formatik Records in early 2k15, at the remix controls, delivering a massive warehouse rave stomper built on a rock-solid foundation of banging drums, dirty signals, hoovers and – of course – the trademark vocals works for the laser, fog and glowstick massive. If you need to get 3000 ppl go absolute bonkers within a few bars this is a remix for you.

FMKdigi027 - Dorade - Jackmac EP



Dorade is back on Formatik Records again! After his debut release on the label in 2k15 the man behind this project, who prefers to remain unnamed and let the music do the talking, serves two box fresh bits on this single which are about dancefloors throughout the next months. With the title track „Jackmac“ we see Dorade introducing heaps of Funk and discoid grooves to TechHouse floors, playing around with significant cowbell heavens whilst sending crowds to ecstatic heavens with a reminiscence to the legendary 'Renegade Master'. Exactly our kind of ill behaviour. The second tune on this brand new single is „Argonoid“, another highly effective primetime weapon. Fast-paced and functional, sporting razor sharp hi-hats, deep vocal samples and percussive synth stab works alongside swirling basslines this on-point studio effort is about to work hyped crowds on Techno floors all over the planet. For a reason.

FMKdigi026 - Alec Troniq - Knock Knock Knock Knock



Straight outta Dresden / Germany we're proud to present a new release crafted by Mr. Alec Troniq, a talented young producer that has been making some waves over the course of the past decade with releases on labels Broque, Microtonal or his very own Ipoly Music-imprint. On Formatik Records he comes up with the exceptional „Knock Knock Knock Knock“ - a darker, slightly shuffled TechHouse workout for pumping late night sessions that's made to move some serious booty with a heavyweight attitude, masterly crafted filter works and a massive vocal breakdown one will never ever forget. Furthermore „Fein Mulm“ caters another take on Alec Troniq's trademark shuffle sound in which chuntering basslines, clunky cowbells and raw, multilayered, Jazz-influenced melodies meet to provide maximum dancefloor functionality for nervously hyped crowds. Do not call this Minimal!

FMKdigi024 - Tobi Kramer - Dare Me EP



We just love how the title track rolls over you with its reduced percussion and its thick bass! Our homes Tobi Kramer delivers again. The ''Dare Me’’ EP- including a great remix from an old friend and partner Dorade along with 3 other powerful tracks, mark the start of an exiting spring 2016 to come! As we said, '‘Dare Me’’ is an original Track that every remixer dreams about, calling shout outs to bring it on! Dorade doesn't need to be asked twice to take the pitch and hammers this baby over the realms of tech-house roof tops. House run! Check out '‘Now Or Never’’- a track that the office describes as a wibblywobbly baseline with a dance warranty and ''Tear Down'’ with its fine vocals carried by a hell of a lot of steam. They do anything else but to hide in this quartet. In your face! In other words: Tobi excites us with a well balanced and remarkably moving EP in wich we harvest the fine development of our self planted and continuously growing crop, to knock on heavens and future club doors. This music has to and will be played!

FMKdigi023 - Tinush - Paper Hats



Welcome to Formatik! Our secret weapon from Berlin Tinush is on! 2 wonderful tracks which definitely and not by coincidence differ from the Formatik sound we have been presenting so far. "Black" screws the breaks that unremarkably pull through the entire track. At its end the 4/4 dancer is being picked up at a point... call it revolutionary ecstasy. "Who Are You Mister" drives its booming beat with its catchy and demanding vocals down the 'crowd boulevard' and into the sunset. The two very clean and well calculated productions are very fun to listen to and would like to tell everyone: this wasn't the last time to have Tinush on Formatik. And that's a promise!

FMKdigi022 - The Deepshakerz - Sadly EP



A cool day in fall and the label office in Berlin professionally bores itself to tears. Suddenly an incoming mailbox rings all bells: demo alarm! After shortly reading through the mail and listening to the tracks we were sure to do it. This has potential! The Deepshakerz from Italy really surprised us with the happy and harmonic beats of the drums! The “Sadly EP“ delivers two tracks that couldn’t be more converse. “Sadly“ pushes with a massive drum line on the dance floor and is full of driving and challenging vocals. Perfect to be put on the decks and already tested by Format:B in their sets. For weeks already one of the highlights of the club night. “Big Hearts“ however works its self smoothly and with conspired vocals slowly into a kind of sound tube, that will finally release you into the light. We got them together! The reminiscence of the minimal decade. We like that!

FMKdigi021 - Raumakustik - Panther - Incl. Format:B remix / OUT NOW!



To conclude this very successful year 2015, we managed to invite a worthy delicacy into our label home. Born in THE town of biers in Germany and equipped with great skills and the necessary portion of success that is needed to participate on this platform: please welcome Raumakustic! The one delivering the original track "Panther" on this release. A reminiscence of long gone, energetic days- full of sounds and samples which will imply tears of memories as well as the ultimative urge to make you want to move. "Panther" breaks the beats and the momentarily dominating rules of production, convincing through beauty & roughness. This was a reason good enough for label founder and enthusiast of well produced demo tracks: Format:B to add a convincing remix on top of this one. Tested and approved on dance floors around the world. The vocal samples are picked up and smartly cooked together with persuasive breakbeats. Together with the dose of thick base that you have expected, the late annual killer release is ready to rumble! ;)

FMKdigi020 - Danny Serrano - Paradise (incl. Metodi Hristov & Sascha Cawa Remix!) OUT NOW!



A warm groove blows from the south of the continent into the halls of Formatik. Mr. Danny Serrano from Madrid gives us the honor along with his 2 amazing colleagues, that complete this peace of art with their stunning remixes. "Paradise" is a well matured track and a perfect pitch for Metodi Hristov- our man from Bulgaria and probably the most popular representative of electronic music at the southern border of the EU- warmes the tribal/deep hearts on this planet with his version of "Paradise" until our man from the "Kater" Berlin Sascha Cawa turn this release into a complete new perspective. His version of the original track takes us into spherical worlds of raved-through monday afternoons that you don't want to miss. It's on!

FMKdigi019 - Dorade - Intensive Rain - OUT NOW!



This release starts with a riddle: who is the one behind this popular fish? The answer is kindly requested to be written to our label management. You could win something useless! We have collected three great tracks, mastered and compiled them to this release with the name "intensive rain". The impact of the sound can only be called intensive. Rolling, snaring and pushing right on! A typical Formatik release which we received from a friend of a friend of our label. It persuaded us immediately and because being played a while in FormatB dj sets, it also convinced the two label heads. Energetic sound for all stages in life but especially for the intensive moments (there you go again!) on club and festival nights! Massive shuffeling allowed! ;)

FMkdigi018 - Tobi Kramer - "Shaved Legs EP" OUT NOW!



Tobias Kramers esthetical and musical motives call for a shot against the media who called this summer a summer of the unshaved. The „Shaved Legs EP“ will prove the opposite. Starting in the beginning of 2015 Tobi surprised us all with 2 energetic tracks on the „Cheetah EP“. He now lived through a very productive fase and strikes back with 3 pushing club tracks in formatic manner. We will have the pleasure of having more throughout this summer. Melodic, pulsating, with a forward thrive and always in the spirit of it`s time he succeeds again to jump over his straightedge and generates us with this new shit to push hard into peak time! An EP that plays out its charm on quality sound systems- no matter if listened to in a car or on a festival. We are sure of that and call out the turbo summer!!!

FMKdigi017 - "Rocket Bunny" OUT NOW!



There they are again. These guys that will make every dance floor on this planet burn. The crazy dudes ask for a dance with their great mix of driving beats and fine adjusted sample elements that make it hard for anyone stand aside. The legitimate follower of the success single "Chunky" is now called "Rocket Bunny". This release will win you over with its irrepressible energy, it`s infinite highly driven breaks and its happy end. "Rocket Bunny" jolts in warp speed over the inclined dance floors in the club landscape. After highly compressed 6 minutes the dancer will be released happy and in sweat into the arms of their his/her beloved or maybe into the following refreshment mix. As a small add-on, we supply a modified version of the, in December 2014 released "Rolling Clone" to make sure that the summer of 2015 is provided with a proper portion of "Rollin".

FMKdigi015 - Jamie K & Luigi Rocca - BLAME EP / OUT NOW!



British/ Italian power on a German Label. We like that idea very much. So, we sincerely welcome Jamie K & Luigi Rocca! Both deliver us a great small "Blame EP" that leaves no questions unanswered concerning energy efficiency. With the vocal support of Penny F, the track "Blame" works itself through the organs to finally arrive in the legs and yall can hear the bells ringing! "Aeropoli" comes along with a bit wider spread legs, always with the hair hard in the wind. This track pulls its energy out of its fine arrangements and its targeted sounds, making toupets fly uncontrolled into the fan. No need to ask for a neck shave! A great start into the formatted spring!

FMKdigi014 - Tobi Kramer - Cheetah EP - OUT NOW! 14 Days Excl. On Beatport!



The east Westphalian secret music weapon is back on Formatik! Tobi Kramer gives his sound technical shout out, after a few short term interval releases on other platforms. Claiming his status quo with force, here are 2 uncomplicated danceable tracks for the ears of the bowing listeners. The "Cheetah EP" feeds the crowd with its familiar tight, danceable program, Tobis love for bass and the ultimate passion to luxate all body parts. We are delighted to note that our young boarding pupil has found his way back to its domestic sound stove and we promise you a happy departure all the way to the next dance shack of your trust.

FMKdigi013 - Format:B - Chunky - Robosonic Remix - OUT NOW!



Robosonic delivers us the new Format:B single "Chunky". It has become a cracking and deep house track that will, in a positive way, frighten friends and colleagues with it's percussive and discoide elements all the way to the clubbers! The new year can't start better than this. A well thought out track- a masterpiece to pay tribute to the clubs around the world. Straight into the ears, stomachs and legs of the crowd: the vocals of the original track have been very cleverly set into place, on top a deep bass that will give your stomach a massage to make you bounce, escorted from passages that lean on the groove of the 80's. The percussion dominates this prize exhibiting track, dictating the direction on the dance floor in 2015: trim and twerking take off! We say "thank you". May 2015 musically be with you!

FMKdigi012 - V.A. - 5 Years Of Formatik - OUT from 22nd Dec. 2014!



As if it were yesterday: 3 young men are sitting in a beergarden in Berlin and talk about the next 'big' thing in the music label landscape of Germany. Formatik Records was born. Format:B member Jacob Hildebrand & Franziscus Sell as well as their label manager knew exactly in which direction to go. Energetic and exciting tech-house in its highest state of quality, flavoured with a touch of humorous ideas. They also had in mind to make cooperations with talents and friends from their personal and/or business surroundings. That sounded and currently still sounds like the correct recipy. 5 years later we celebrate these historic moments with a work exhibition that unites old friends, young producers and illustrious guests. Label friend Uto Karem or brother in mind Pleasurekraft as well as our seeded label artist Tobi Kramer. The hole work is enriched by the committed sound from our friends out of the Ukraine Konstantin Yoodza and also dj PP from Uruguay. This small compilation is completed nicely from artists that have'nt been released on Formatic- up to now that is. We welcome Dema & Alex Mine, Modevisning, Samuel Dan and Stratocaster. This musical bomb shows how we see powerful club music of the present. Always with a big bass in the pocket easily shaken out of the hips, with a blink of an eye for the right moment, humorous and full of lust. Raise your glasses and pay hommage to the coat of arms with the big F! Onto the next 5 years.

FMkdigi011 - Format:B - "Chunky" - OUT From 15th Dec. 2014 !



We opened our hard disc box of wonders once more in 2014, to release a new track of the legedary masters Jacob and Franz on to the dance floors around the world. "Chunky"s brilliance lies in the symbiosis between a thick bass and ravishing vocals, inviting us to go berserk. These two artist end the year with a nice finishing burner to which the people will rave the clubs everywhere through the winterly months to come and let us remember the European party summer. So put on your seat belts- we are going mad!

FMkdigi010 - Roy Rosenfeld & Format:B - Human Dynamo - OUT NOW!



The next collaboration of success between the funky Berliners and the untouchable Buddy Roy Rosenfels, is coming at ya. Powerful and dynamic. To keep expanding the crowd of participants, we are honored to announce, that the Formatos have joined to play along, to forge a hot iron with their brother in mind and make the electric dancefloors around the world melt to its core. The human dynamo is working non-stop and creates a self animating energetic track,to wake up the clubs around the world. Tested and approved through their live-act on the open-airs this season, we have decided, that its time for “Human Dynamo” to be released- ready to produce the necessary electricity to rock the dancefloors everywhere. Such a great energetic collaboration we had so much fun with, that we thought it's about time to find out yourself.

FMkdigi009 - Format:B - Gospel - Pleasurekraft & Jaceo Psalm 69 Remix - OUT !



Hot Summer Gospel Remix by our beloved friends from U.S.A.!

FMKdigi008 - Format:B - Der Samtfalter - OUT from 30.06.2014 !



The magic button has been pushed. The remixes for the Hallenser Superstars and Paule K climbed to the top of the charts. It was about time for the two Formatos to create a nice, steaming piece of music on their own imprint. "Der Samtfalter" flickers with a high wing frequency and untamable force foreward into our ears. Interrupted by a short failure of the wing engine and its resulting cascade is then beautifully intercepted to another high, making the animal dance eaven more energetic around the nectar. This summer the musical insect will fly through the feasting friends tranporting the beat so that the party will never stop.




Check See, Feel Good, Buy! ;-)

FMKdigi007 - Martinique - Mama Don`t Know EP - OUT NOW! April, 28th 2014



A young and energetic producer with the name Martinique, who lives near by Copenhagen, delivered us such fresh and amazing beats, that we had to release her output right away. So fast that her mom does'nt even know- which is probably better because the title track is so strong that potential dancers will be hit to shake their legs, that it hurts. Excessive nights between people alike are suggested. "Switch Off The T.V." shoots at you not to waste your time sitting on the sofa, but to turn the night into a worthy experience. The bassline guides us the way to where the solar plexus is located. This great E.P. finishes with "Take It To Las Vegas"- a thunder storm of base, which defenitely points towards the dance floor, no matter if in Las Vegas, Berlin or in Copenhagen- this woman will get attention! So it is not a surprise, that Formatik had to release this young diamond on the spot and from may on will be brought to label nights around the world by the label owned booking agency. Be curious for more. We definitely are!

FMKdigi006 - Tobi Kramer - Charlie Runkle EP - OUT NOW!



Quality takes time. So it took almost one year for Tobi Kramer to show and proove his wonderful sence to capture the special dance-floor-moments. The “Charlie Runkle EP” presents three grooves that forefill the high claims of all night times. “Charlie Runkle” the old ladykiller aims directly for the hips. “We Do Not” energizes the dance floor until “Zaton” finally breaks up the early morning clouds, giving the bend audience the last kiss to dismiss them into the early sky. You can also watch a short video to “Zaton” which comes along with this EP. Tobi Kramer makes us very happy again.

FMKdigi005 - Jaceo & Vedic - Big Pun EP - still released and well placed!



The hint to make a release with Jaceo and Vedic came from Friends of the house: Pleasurekraft. The two producers from Denver, CO (U.S.A) usually kick of their sound to 100% on Pure Off Recordings and Kraftek. "Big Pun" and "I.A.D" fit perfectly into the dense soundscape of Formatik and adulate to the fans of Format:B too. Let the continental friendship in Music live!

"Magic Button" Remix by Wehbba OUT NOW!



While "Magic Button" snuggeling itself comfortably into the top three rankings of the beatport charts during the christmas holidays, Format B were already shifting on the solemn remix of their brazilian buddy Whebba. This track now wrings out the last unevaporated liter dance sweat of the already ear catching peace of rave culture. A really good start into 2014!

FMKdigi003 - Format:B "Magic Button" OUT NOW!



Just in time! Format:B have found the right button on their console to launch a real stomper before the year ends. "Magic Button" will be released as a single digital track at the end of November. 3 weeks later, the remix from brazil's Wehbba will be added on top. And, because Christmas is coming up, the guys shot a proper music video in which more than just Format:B and their studio will be revealed.




Long Awaited, Now Released! FMK012 Vinyl-2 brilliant tracks, the well known & charted "Coltrane" + additional the groovy "Sexus" from the great collaboration between Format:B & Pleasurekraft. We are proud and happy to announce! Grab it on Vinyl in your trusted stores or as WAV/MP3 on !

Tobi Kramer Promo Mix Spring 2013 Now available on SOUNDCLOUD !



FMKdigi002 OUT NOW ! Format:B & Pleasurekraft - "Coltrane feat.Chris The Voice" Exclusive on Beatport!



Long Awaited Release From The Buddys Format:B & Pleasurekraft! "Coltrane feat.Chris The Voice" Is A Funky Slammer - Direct In Your Feet ! Please expect the upcoming Vinyl Single Format:B & Pleasurekraft, With The Tracks "Coltrane" and "Sexus" on 27th of May!

Finally! Released! His First Regulary EP On FMK! Tobi Kramer "AyePatch EP" OUT NOW!



Since Tobi Kramer rocked the Format B remix contest he has been basking in the brilliance of his remix for "Socks And Sandals". It is no surprise that the two label bosses won`t let go of this young man from Lower Saxony, though one searching for reasons need look no further than his “Formatik” Debut EP "Eye Patch". There can be no doubt: His sound belongs IN the label portfolio. No matter whether it's a first degree rave like the A1 track "Offsuit" or veiled behind Venitian masks like the title track on B1, Tobi knows how it's done. And clear... he has no problem skillfully tying smiling guitar sounds while reaching the goal line with "Busker" on B2. Tobi did it again!

FMK011 - DanceMedley -Tobi Kramer !



All we want to say is: Big Tunes Need Big Play! Enjoy that proper Medley from our new FMK011 - Tobi Kramer "Aye Patch EP" who is out on Vinyl and Beatport Exclusive on Feb. 25th 2013!

FMK 010 / Format:B - "DAWN EP" OUT NOW!! 3 Musically Bombs From The Heart Of Berlin!



Format:B meets Desperados in Berlin! Have fun:


Tobi Kramer's new promo mix:)! enjoy:






4th strike in a remix row of Format:B “Restless” Album, winners of the remix-contest of the track “Socks & Sandals” !

Next Formatik Night @ Watergate Berlin!



Last Restless Remix Package coming soon!!! including: Dj Madskillz, Heartik, Necro & Reichmann, Tobi Kramer, San Marco and Khainz!



Check & Buy! Incl. Format B "Liquid" feat. Fran!



Tobi Kramer`s June Mix !!!



Check it out!

FORMAT:B`s Wicked Summer Charts



FMK009 "Format:B Restless Remix Sessions 3" OUT from May, 29th, 2012 !!!



The third and last Format:B vinyl-package is adjusted! Subject matter still is the current album “Restless” which has been taken on by big name artists of the international surroundings of the two. In pole position A1 this time is the Italian Uto Karem. He took a shot at "Piano Man" and hit's the keys just like we are used to from Format:B. With his version of "Socks & Sandals" the dutch Dj Madskillz comes around the corner. It's his second pounding release on “Formatik Records” after his “Carnival Chaos EP”. A debut however is given by the also Italian artist Fernando Tessis who keep his eyes upon "Warped" and who went into the remix battle with trumpets and timpani giving no less attention to his demonstration of his garland of corn on B2. selected Artist Feedbacks: Daniel Steinberg: "Uto Karem is it for me. good work!" Someone Else: "uto mix is fun" Karotte: "Uto Karem RMX is my pick." Monika Kruse: "oooops i play piano man / uto karem since almost half a year and still love it!" Tom Wax: "Great remixes!" AKA AKA: "geilet Dingen"