Jannicke Reberg




Jannicke Reberg is one of Norways well known and respected DJs,always following her own path. The adventure started in her hometown Trondheim,early 2000, where her own weekly events were one of the very few who served the sound of the underground all night long. As her standing in the techno scene grew, so did her playground. Shaking things up at her Scandinavian neighbours and then further south in Europe.
In 2004 she set foot on what would become her second home, Ibiza. Since then, this was the place she would spend every summer, till present. Her music received a warm welcome in the island. She soon became an active and appreciated DJ on the island, playing in clubs like Ushuaia, Sankeys, Zoo Project and Es Paradis, the true local clubs, Es Vive, Lolas, Grial, Bubbles and Guarana, various beach clubs,the infamous ''secret'' villa partys and at last but not least, Ibiza Global Radio.
It is for an Ibiza-based imprint that she released her first record, ''POW'', on the Ibiza based label Gimmick Records in 2014.
In 2013 Jannicke Reberg was invited by the Formatik crew to play at Watergate in Berlin. Funny enough, this was like coming home as Berlin is the origin of her beloved piano, a hundred years old classical piano that her parents bought her when she was 6 years old.
By becoming part of the Formatik family, she started to play regularly in Berlin and around Germany.
Energetic yet deep, hypnotising spiced with humour, her sets are both creative and powerful, never predictable. She's not afraid to experiment and cross genres` boundaries. Expect the pleasant sound of techno and house in a delightful combination. At the first glance you see the sunshine itself, but at the same time you will hear music with edge.
The norwegian rocket full of contrast.