About us

Formatik Records is a Berlin-based platform run by Jakob Hildenbrand and Franziskus Sell, known together as Format B. Years before solidifying as a duo and creating the label, the two young men crossed paths as sound engineering students and wannabe DJs. Before very long, though, their techno dreams began to materialize: continuously collaborating in the studio and playing in clubs and parties, they gained a reputation for their forward-thinking productions (released on Highgrade Records and Stil Vor Talent) as well as their live sets, having become one of Germany's most successful electronic acts of the last few years. By 2009, Jakob and Franz felt the time was right to establish their own home base, hence Formatik Records.

The label's uniting sound, according to Format B, is best described as “Motor-Funk”, led by the mantra of quality and energy. Aside from releasing their own works, the duo also serves as A&R, issuing tracks from producers and DJs they've befriended over the years, including fellow Berliners Daniel Steinberg and Pan-Pot, Amsterdam's Sebastien Leger and DJ Madskillz, and Italy's Uto Karem and Hugo, David Keno, Robosonic and Moonbootica as well!. They've also got the ears for scouting out new talent, such as 26-year-old producer and remixer Tobi Kramer.

Over the past few years, Formatik's releases have been played by the most regarded DJs in the international techno and house scenes, and seen regularly at the top of vinyl and digital sales charts. The label had its first club hit already with its second release in 2009, “Rush Me” by Daniel Steinberg. Since then, the label has maintained a steady profile, thanks largely in part to Format B's steady string of EPs, mostly notably their hit “Gospel” from 2010, and culminating in their well received full-length album Restless in 2011, which was bolstered by a successful series of remix EPs in 2012. The Years 2013-2015 were additional really successful, we placed a big tune into the hearts of the crowd, “Chunky” was leading the “Shazam Charts Ibiza” during the whole Partyyear 2015, leaded the Beatport Charts 2015 of course and was delivered to Ministry Of Sound UK in the end, were these track was successful again at the end of 2015. The next big thing came by the end of 2015, Format:B Remix of Raumakustik`s “Panther” was entering the TechHouse Charts on Rank 2 again, and don’t left it till February 2016.

Truly a group effort, the label has a mind not just for music, but also professionalism and visual identity, managed by Hawks Grunert, also part of the Upon You crew, and with artwork by Oliver Rimpler, also known for his work with the Berlin-based design agency Graco. Even with such impressive accomplishments in just three years, the Formatik team is looking ahead and plotting their next moves, so stay tuned for more from this Tech-Funk powerhouse.