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FMKdigi021 - Raumakustik - Panther - Incl. Format:B remix / OUT NOW!



To conclude this very successful year 2015, we managed to invite a worthy delicacy into our label home. Born in THE town of biers in Germany and equipped with great skills and the necessary portion of success that is needed to participate on this platform: please welcome Raumakustic! The one delivering the original track "Panther" on this release. A reminiscence of long gone, energetic days- full of sounds and samples which will imply tears of memories as well as the ultimative urge to make you want to move. "Panther" breaks the beats and the momentarily dominating rules of production, convincing through beauty & roughness. This was a reason good enough for label founder and enthusiast of well produced demo tracks: Format:B to add a convincing remix on top of this one. Tested and approved on dance floors around the world. The vocal samples are picked up and smartly cooked together with persuasive breakbeats. Together with the dose of thick base that you have expected, the late annual killer release is ready to rumble! ;)

FMKdigi020 - Danny Serrano - Paradise (incl. Metodi Hristov & Sascha Cawa Remix!) OUT NOW!



A warm groove blows from the south of the continent into the halls of Formatik. Mr. Danny Serrano from Madrid gives us the honor along with his 2 amazing colleagues, that complete this peace of art with their stunning remixes. "Paradise" is a well matured track and a perfect pitch for Metodi Hristov- our man from Bulgaria and probably the most popular representative of electronic music at the southern border of the EU- warmes the tribal/deep hearts on this planet with his version of "Paradise" until our man from the "Kater" Berlin Sascha Cawa turn this release into a complete new perspective. His version of the original track takes us into spherical worlds of raved-through monday afternoons that you don't want to miss. It's on!

FMKdigi019 - Dorade - Intensive Rain - OUT NOW!



This release starts with a riddle: who is the one behind this popular fish? The answer is kindly requested to be written to our label management. You could win something useless! We have collected three great tracks, mastered and compiled them to this release with the name "intensive rain". The impact of the sound can only be called intensive. Rolling, snaring and pushing right on! A typical Formatik release which we received from a friend of a friend of our label. It persuaded us immediately and because being played a while in FormatB dj sets, it also convinced the two label heads. Energetic sound for all stages in life but especially for the intensive moments (there you go again!) on club and festival nights! Massive shuffeling allowed! ;)

FMkdigi018 - Tobi Kramer - "Shaved Legs EP" OUT NOW!



Tobias Kramers esthetical and musical motives call for a shot against the media who called this summer a summer of the unshaved. The „Shaved Legs EP“ will prove the opposite. Starting in the beginning of 2015 Tobi surprised us all with 2 energetic tracks on the „Cheetah EP“. He now lived through a very productive fase and strikes back with 3 pushing club tracks in formatic manner. We will have the pleasure of having more throughout this summer. Melodic, pulsating, with a forward thrive and always in the spirit of it`s time he succeeds again to jump over his straightedge and generates us with this new shit to push hard into peak time! An EP that plays out its charm on quality sound systems- no matter if listened to in a car or on a festival. We are sure of that and call out the turbo summer!!!

FMKdigi017 - "Rocket Bunny" OUT NOW!



There they are again. These guys that will make every dance floor on this planet burn. The crazy dudes ask for a dance with their great mix of driving beats and fine adjusted sample elements that make it hard for anyone stand aside. The legitimate follower of the success single "Chunky" is now called "Rocket Bunny". This release will win you over with its irrepressible energy, it`s infinite highly driven breaks and its happy end. "Rocket Bunny" jolts in warp speed over the inclined dance floors in the club landscape. After highly compressed 6 minutes the dancer will be released happy and in sweat into the arms of their his/her beloved or maybe into the following refreshment mix. As a small add-on, we supply a modified version of the, in December 2014 released "Rolling Clone" to make sure that the summer of 2015 is provided with a proper portion of "Rollin".

FMKdigi015 - Jamie K & Luigi Rocca - BLAME EP / OUT NOW!



British/ Italian power on a German Label. We like that idea very much. So, we sincerely welcome Jamie K & Luigi Rocca! Both deliver us a great small "Blame EP" that leaves no questions unanswered concerning energy efficiency. With the vocal support of Penny F, the track "Blame" works itself through the organs to finally arrive in the legs and yall can hear the bells ringing! "Aeropoli" comes along with a bit wider spread legs, always with the hair hard in the wind. This track pulls its energy out of its fine arrangements and its targeted sounds, making toupets fly uncontrolled into the fan. No need to ask for a neck shave! A great start into the formatted spring!

FMKdigi014 - Tobi Kramer - Cheetah EP - OUT NOW! 14 Days Excl. On Beatport!



The east Westphalian secret music weapon is back on Formatik! Tobi Kramer gives his sound technical shout out, after a few short term interval releases on other platforms. Claiming his status quo with force, here are 2 uncomplicated danceable tracks for the ears of the bowing listeners. The "Cheetah EP" feeds the crowd with its familiar tight, danceable program, Tobis love for bass and the ultimate passion to luxate all body parts. We are delighted to note that our young boarding pupil has found his way back to its domestic sound stove and we promise you a happy departure all the way to the next dance shack of your trust.

FMKdigi013 - Format:B - Chunky - Robosonic Remix - OUT NOW!



Robosonic delivers us the new Format:B single "Chunky". It has become a cracking and deep house track that will, in a positive way, frighten friends and colleagues with it's percussive and discoide elements all the way to the clubbers! The new year can't start better than this. A well thought out track- a masterpiece to pay tribute to the clubs around the world. Straight into the ears, stomachs and legs of the crowd: the vocals of the original track have been very cleverly set into place, on top a deep bass that will give your stomach a massage to make you bounce, escorted from passages that lean on the groove of the 80's. The percussion dominates this prize exhibiting track, dictating the direction on the dance floor in 2015: trim and twerking take off! We say "thank you". May 2015 musically be with you!

FMKdigi012 - V.A. - 5 Years Of Formatik - OUT from 22nd Dec. 2014!



As if it were yesterday: 3 young men are sitting in a beergarden in Berlin and talk about the next 'big' thing in the music label landscape of Germany. Formatik Records was born. Format:B member Jacob Hildebrand & Franziscus Sell as well as their label manager knew exactly in which direction to go. Energetic and exciting tech-house in its highest state of quality, flavoured with a touch of humorous ideas. They also had in mind to make cooperations with talents and friends from their personal and/or business surroundings. That sounded and currently still sounds like the correct recipy. 5 years later we celebrate these historic moments with a work exhibition that unites old friends, young producers and illustrious guests. Label friend Uto Karem or brother in mind Pleasurekraft as well as our seeded label artist Tobi Kramer. The hole work is enriched by the committed sound from our friends out of the Ukraine Konstantin Yoodza and also dj PP from Uruguay. This small compilation is completed nicely from artists that have'nt been released on Formatic- up to now that is. We welcome Dema & Alex Mine, Modevisning, Samuel Dan and Stratocaster. This musical bomb shows how we see powerful club music of the present. Always with a big bass in the pocket easily shaken out of the hips, with a blink of an eye for the right moment, humorous and full of lust. Raise your glasses and pay hommage to the coat of arms with the big F! Onto the next 5 years.

FMkdigi011 - Format:B - "Chunky" - OUT From 15th Dec. 2014 !



We opened our hard disc box of wonders once more in 2014, to release a new track of the legedary masters Jacob and Franz on to the dance floors around the world. "Chunky"s brilliance lies in the symbiosis between a thick bass and ravishing vocals, inviting us to go berserk. These two artist end the year with a nice finishing burner to which the people will rave the clubs everywhere through the winterly months to come and let us remember the European party summer. So put on your seat belts- we are going mad!

FMkdigi010 - Roy Rosenfeld & Format:B - Human Dynamo - OUT NOW!



The next collaboration of success between the funky Berliners and the untouchable Buddy Roy Rosenfels, is coming at ya. Powerful and dynamic. To keep expanding the crowd of participants, we are honored to announce, that the Formatos have joined to play along, to forge a hot iron with their brother in mind and make the electric dancefloors around the world melt to its core. The human dynamo is working non-stop and creates a self animating energetic track,to wake up the clubs around the world. Tested and approved through their live-act on the open-airs this season, we have decided, that its time for “Human Dynamo” to be released- ready to produce the necessary electricity to rock the dancefloors everywhere. Such a great energetic collaboration we had so much fun with, that we thought it's about time to find out yourself.

FMkdigi009 - Format:B - Gospel - Pleasurekraft & Jaceo Psalm 69 Remix - OUT !



Hot Summer Gospel Remix by our beloved friends from U.S.A.!

FMKdigi008 - Format:B - Der Samtfalter - OUT from 30.06.2014 !



The magic button has been pushed. The remixes for the Hallenser Superstars and Paule K climbed to the top of the charts. It was about time for the two Formatos to create a nice, steaming piece of music on their own imprint. "Der Samtfalter" flickers with a high wing frequency and untamable force foreward into our ears. Interrupted by a short failure of the wing engine and its resulting cascade is then beautifully intercepted to another high, making the animal dance eaven more energetic around the nectar. This summer the musical insect will fly through the feasting friends tranporting the beat so that the party will never stop.




Check See, Feel Good, Buy! ;-)

FMKdigi007 - Martinique - Mama Don`t Know EP - OUT NOW! April, 28th 2014



A young and energetic producer with the name Martinique, who lives near by Copenhagen, delivered us such fresh and amazing beats, that we had to release her output right away. So fast that her mom does'nt even know- which is probably better because the title track is so strong that potential dancers will be hit to shake their legs, that it hurts. Excessive nights between people alike are suggested. "Switch Off The T.V." shoots at you not to waste your time sitting on the sofa, but to turn the night into a worthy experience. The bassline guides us the way to where the solar plexus is located. This great E.P. finishes with "Take It To Las Vegas"- a thunder storm of base, which defenitely points towards the dance floor, no matter if in Las Vegas, Berlin or in Copenhagen- this woman will get attention! So it is not a surprise, that Formatik had to release this young diamond on the spot and from may on will be brought to label nights around the world by the label owned booking agency. Be curious for more. We definitely are!

FMKdigi006 - Tobi Kramer - Charlie Runkle EP - OUT NOW!



Quality takes time. So it took almost one year for Tobi Kramer to show and proove his wonderful sence to capture the special dance-floor-moments. The “Charlie Runkle EP” presents three grooves that forefill the high claims of all night times. “Charlie Runkle” the old ladykiller aims directly for the hips. “We Do Not” energizes the dance floor until “Zaton” finally breaks up the early morning clouds, giving the bend audience the last kiss to dismiss them into the early sky. You can also watch a short video to “Zaton” which comes along with this EP. Tobi Kramer makes us very happy again.

FMKdigi005 - Jaceo & Vedic - Big Pun EP - still released and well placed!



The hint to make a release with Jaceo and Vedic came from Friends of the house: Pleasurekraft. The two producers from Denver, CO (U.S.A) usually kick of their sound to 100% on Pure Off Recordings and Kraftek. "Big Pun" and "I.A.D" fit perfectly into the dense soundscape of Formatik and adulate to the fans of Format:B too. Let the continental friendship in Music live!

"Magic Button" Remix by Wehbba OUT NOW!



While "Magic Button" snuggeling itself comfortably into the top three rankings of the beatport charts during the christmas holidays, Format B were already shifting on the solemn remix of their brazilian buddy Whebba. This track now wrings out the last unevaporated liter dance sweat of the already ear catching peace of rave culture. A really good start into 2014!

FMKdigi003 - Format:B "Magic Button" OUT NOW!



Just in time! Format:B have found the right button on their console to launch a real stomper before the year ends. "Magic Button" will be released as a single digital track at the end of November. 3 weeks later, the remix from brazil's Wehbba will be added on top. And, because Christmas is coming up, the guys shot a proper music video in which more than just Format:B and their studio will be revealed.




Long Awaited, Now Released! FMK012 Vinyl-2 brilliant tracks, the well known & charted "Coltrane" + additional the groovy "Sexus" from the great collaboration between Format:B & Pleasurekraft. We are proud and happy to announce! Grab it on Vinyl in your trusted stores or as WAV/MP3 on !

Tobi Kramer Promo Mix Spring 2013 Now available on SOUNDCLOUD !



FMKdigi002 OUT NOW ! Format:B & Pleasurekraft - "Coltrane feat.Chris The Voice" Exclusive on Beatport!



Long Awaited Release From The Buddys Format:B & Pleasurekraft! "Coltrane feat.Chris The Voice" Is A Funky Slammer - Direct In Your Feet ! Please expect the upcoming Vinyl Single Format:B & Pleasurekraft, With The Tracks "Coltrane" and "Sexus" on 27th of May!

Finally! Released! His First Regulary EP On FMK! Tobi Kramer "AyePatch EP" OUT NOW!



Since Tobi Kramer rocked the Format B remix contest he has been basking in the brilliance of his remix for "Socks And Sandals". It is no surprise that the two label bosses won`t let go of this young man from Lower Saxony, though one searching for reasons need look no further than his “Formatik” Debut EP "Eye Patch". There can be no doubt: His sound belongs IN the label portfolio. No matter whether it's a first degree rave like the A1 track "Offsuit" or veiled behind Venitian masks like the title track on B1, Tobi knows how it's done. And clear... he has no problem skillfully tying smiling guitar sounds while reaching the goal line with "Busker" on B2. Tobi did it again!

FMK011 - DanceMedley -Tobi Kramer !



All we want to say is: Big Tunes Need Big Play! Enjoy that proper Medley from our new FMK011 - Tobi Kramer "Aye Patch EP" who is out on Vinyl and Beatport Exclusive on Feb. 25th 2013!

FMK 010 / Format:B - "DAWN EP" OUT NOW!! 3 Musically Bombs From The Heart Of Berlin!



Format:B meets Desperados in Berlin! Have fun:


Tobi Kramer's new promo mix:)! enjoy:






4th strike in a remix row of Format:B “Restless” Album, winners of the remix-contest of the track “Socks & Sandals” !

Next Formatik Night @ Watergate Berlin!



Last Restless Remix Package coming soon!!! including: Dj Madskillz, Heartik, Necro & Reichmann, Tobi Kramer, San Marco and Khainz!



Check & Buy! Incl. Format B "Liquid" feat. Fran!



Tobi Kramer`s June Mix !!!



Check it out!

FORMAT:B`s Wicked Summer Charts



FMK009 "Format:B Restless Remix Sessions 3" OUT from May, 29th, 2012 !!!



The third and last Format:B vinyl-package is adjusted! Subject matter still is the current album “Restless” which has been taken on by big name artists of the international surroundings of the two. In pole position A1 this time is the Italian Uto Karem. He took a shot at "Piano Man" and hit's the keys just like we are used to from Format:B. With his version of "Socks & Sandals" the dutch Dj Madskillz comes around the corner. It's his second pounding release on “Formatik Records” after his “Carnival Chaos EP”. A debut however is given by the also Italian artist Fernando Tessis who keep his eyes upon "Warped" and who went into the remix battle with trumpets and timpani giving no less attention to his demonstration of his garland of corn on B2. selected Artist Feedbacks: Daniel Steinberg: "Uto Karem is it for me. good work!" Someone Else: "uto mix is fun" Karotte: "Uto Karem RMX is my pick." Monika Kruse: "oooops i play piano man / uto karem since almost half a year and still love it!" Tom Wax: "Great remixes!" AKA AKA: "geilet Dingen"